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Hotel extreme service, starting from the details!

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In the new economic, political and social background, all walks of life are upgrading and transformation, cross-border seems to have become one of the most popular vocabulary. In the new situation, the hotel industry is also faced with how to transform,

  In the new economic, political and social background, all walks of life are upgrading and transformation, cross-border seems to have become one of the most popular vocabulary. In the new situation, the hotel industry is also faced with how to transform, how to upgrade, how to cross the reality of the proposition, modern international hotel management group since its inception in 2001, professional commitment to the hotel management industry, the success of thousands of hotels Professional comprehensive management and system management guidance. For the details of the hotel services, the International International Hotel Management Group, the experts made the following recommendations:

  Grasp the code of service, adapt to the management environment, establish and improve the scientific implementation standards

  With the continuous improvement of social openness, the diversification of hotel customers and the demand for personalized service to improve the management level of the increasingly strong demand. So the hotel must change the development of ideas and development ideas, with a new service to deal with new needs, more meticulous service for a diversified source to create a personalized service environment.

  Grasp the principle of comprehensiveness, improve all aspects. Fine management can not just one thing "fine and fine", but also pay attention to all aspects of hotel management touch. The hotel in the daily work should take the appropriate regional responsibility contract system, so that everything is responsible, everything is responsible; fine management must be in line with the actual hotel, there are operational standards in order to work to be implemented; grasp the dynamic Principle, establish and improve the adaptability of each period, linkage coordination of the various departments of the time with the degree.

  Personalized, specialized, themed and exquisite services

  No matter what type of hotel, traditional star, business hotel, pure room or boutique hotel, according to the ratio of 1: 3 passenger arrangements for personnel is relatively the most appropriate. In the past many traditional hotels, general manager will not face the guests all day, and now many hotel general manager welcome has become a hospitality. Now you are in the hotel you can easily find a chat with you, and even take the time to take you to see the unique scenery of the city friends; more avant-garde is not deliberately set the evaluation table to collect the views of the guests in the daily contact with the guests will be able to Easy to get the guests real experience ... how to ask this kind of personality service which guests do not like to be accepted by the guests or even love the theme of the establishment of the culture is extremely necessary, popular talk about the hotel like a storytelling site, the story inherent Characteristics make the story of the hotel theme of the cultural carrier, knowledge, strong, interesting, can spread widely, this story will worry about no guests to listen to it? Featured products as the hotel to survive the same magic weapon, pay attention to service and product differences Nature, uniqueness, uniqueness, all kinds of characteristics of the hotel by all levels of the crowd of all ages.

  Cultivate innovative management personnel, to provide fine management of human resources protection

  Enhance the management of the cause of the heart, a sense of responsibility, to lay a solid foundation for fine management; hotels often carry out innovative personnel training, to create a job responsibility to do a good job of duty and responsibility; improve the starting point of talent, to attract high-quality management personnel, The development of the posterior. At the same time combined with the latest performance appraisal system to encourage managers to stimulate the implementation of fine management of the internal driving force.

  Hotel in the era of economic experience under the background, with the consumer's consumer concept continues to improve, consumer demand escalating, the hotel will be the fine management of the hotel industry's top priority. The fine service is a relaxed and soothing atmosphere for serving guests throughout the course of the experience, and is the pleasure of the guests who are fully experienced and never enjoyed in the fast-paced city life and work. Under the guidance of exquisite environment and fast-paced life, Hyundai International has been standing behind the hotel management industry, giving the hotel the safest, most efficient and sustainable support.

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