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Build Brand to Promote the International Development of National Hotel

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Now the economic globalization, we have to objectively recognize themselves, have a clear goal and planning, modern international said that Chinese entrepreneurs are not narrow nationalist martyrs,


  Throughout today's Chinese hotel industry, the International Hotel Group occupies the five-star high-end brand and the absolute superiority of the market, in China's conquering, invincible. And most of the Chinese national brand hotel is still looking away, hard to catch up.

  How much money to build a luxury hotel project have invited foreign steward, hanging foreign brands, in the loss of the market, the loss of the brand when also complacent, but also thought to pick up the capital operation, empty gloves white wolf cheap.

  Of course, the international brand into China also brought a new hotel management, management, service and development model, cultivate the Chinese hotel talent, enhance the industry level, which is worthy of recognition. But more importantly, that doctrine should be used in foreign, mainly to me, and gradually create their own national brand. But unfortunately, today's hotel investors in China to please the international hotel brand proud, most have lost the courage to develop the creation of national brands!

  In the foreign management of the hotel into China for two decades today, should have enough confidence to create an international standard, suitable for the Chinese market, hotel management model and brand. The establishment and development of international chain and can compete with the Chinese national hotel chain brand, need a lot of strength. The hotel industry has a strategic vision of the investors, with international vision and local wisdom of the hotel professional manager team, modern hotel management system and replicable development model, sustained growth and more stable market demand, several factors Can not. Now, regardless of capital, talent, technology, market, all aspects of the conditions are ripe, the national ethnic hotel chain brand full development of the spring has arrived!

  Beijing Capital Tourism Group has unveiled its five-year-old Chinese high-end hotel brand "Connaught Gold", "Chinese porcelain" graphics become the finishing touch of the brand LOGO, highlighting it is a Chinese characteristics of the hotel brand. Modern international management experts said that this is the InterContinental Hotels Group launched with Chinese cultural characteristics of the brand "Huayi", the hotel industry once again blowing a burst of "Chinese style", the difference is that "style" is our country Large-scale tourism enterprises, the brand for our national high-end hotel brand.

  To build a national high - end brand time has come

  "China needs its own national high-end hotel brand." Modern international management experts said that since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of China's tourism industry, "come in" foreign tourists and "going out" the number of Chinese tourists has been the forefront of the world, guests Increasingly popular and personalized pursuit of the urgent need for Chinese local hotel brands, especially high-end brands to meet.

  This year, "build China's national high-end brand," the voice of the industry in the high.

  Modern international management experts said that only the Chinese people, only the most clear the needs of Chinese guests. China's current economic scale is sufficient to support the development and expansion of local brands. Chinese hotels should learn from the Western development of the franchise mature model, to establish their own international chain brand. Hong Kong China Travel Hotel Co., Ltd., general manager of Sun Wu and other industry veterans on this view very much agree: "We should go all out to create a national standard with international brands."

  Chinese brands should have Chinese characteristics

  Modern international point of view, in today's economic life, the brand is not an isolated concept, it has been related to business development strategy, from product brand to industrial brand and then to corporate brand, which is the only way to the development of international large enterprises. Service is the product, service brand also has a common brand, because the tertiary industry is different from the first and second industry characteristics, service brand also has its own personality.

  International Hotel Group has a mature chain management experience, the global booking system and a fixed source, can give guests a sense of rest assured, but can not give guests freshness, because it is a copy of the hotel outside. Local brands can have foreign brands do not have the national characteristics and cultural characteristics, which is consistent with the gradual access to the information age after the diversification, characteristics, personalized requirements of the rare resources.

  Local brands and market economy are not only not contradictory, and there may be complement each other, because the local brand in the local at least "geography, and" advantage, which in the market economy is a very important factor. At the same time, the local brand also contains the meaning of the state and the nation, in the embodiment of corporate culture but also reflects the national culture, the brand can even act as a way of life and way of thinking, the famous local brand will let the country and the nation proud , So the local brand in the economic significance at the same time has a super economic significance.

  China's hotel management is still a lack of innovation and local characteristics, little progress in brand building, it is difficult in the world is unique. For local and foreign joint ventures, co-operation and multinational companies to manage the hotel, if the foreign implementation of multi-brand strategy, the local brand still have the opportunity to show up; if the foreign countries to pursue a unified brand, the joint local Chinese brands can only reluctantly. As the Hilton Group believes, the number of hotels built and managed is secondary, where is important and what brand is used.

  However, there is a fact that, in any case, the world's truly famous hotel will always belong to those original local brands, the International Hotel Group's flagship hotel anyway scenery, its replicas are lost charm, because people do not like Stereotyped.

  National brand to the world

  Now the economic globalization, we have to objectively recognize themselves, have a clear goal and planning, modern international said that Chinese entrepreneurs are not narrow nationalist martyrs, do business not only pay attention to commercial value, we pursue a long-term society Responsibility, the current environment, the Chinese hotel industry national brand is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

  First, the current Chinese hotel industry is no shortage of talent. 30 years of reform and opening up, the hotel industry after 25 years of development, their training a large number of professional hotel talent. These talent has become the backbone of the development of China's hotel industry, they are often a sense of responsibility and mission, but now we lack is the outstanding national hotel brand, these common goals of professionals gathered in the platform of outstanding national brands , So that the Chinese hotel industry's national brand has become an international brand.

  Second, the market segmentation is mature, no shortage of tourists. Previously, the main source of high-end hotel from outside, and now dominated by domestic guests, and even the Chinese people to become a foreign high-end hotel important consumer groups. With the development of China's economy and the improvement of the living standard of the whole people, the international exchange is becoming more and more frequent, which is bound to require the development of Chinese hotel brand should be more equitable with economic development.


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