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  My dear friends

  Everybody is good!

  I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and blessings to all of our friends on behalf of Guipinwanguo international hotel.

  Since the hotel business has experienced a variety of large and small reception, such as the 60th anniversary of the building, tea and various activities such as wedding banquet reception, with the increase in the number of reception, our reception level and business knowledge more solid, The formation of a distinctive style of the hotel, is a highly competitive five-star hotel.

  My hotel will be in a home away from home to create a warm goal to continue efforts. Establish the guests on top, the quality of the first thought, abide by professional ethics, according to five-star service standards for our guests to provide the best quality service and the most comfortable experience. The

  If you have good suggestions or comments, please call our hotline, message, or directly reflect our existing problems and shortcomings, we will continue to improve, so that you come and go, satisfied and return.

  Thanks again for your attention and support. This will be the greatest encouragement to us!

  Guipinwanguo international hotel welcome you!

  Chairman: Wang Hao Lin