Your present location:Business philosophy

  Home to create warmth。

  We are happy with the mood to meet the visitors from all directions, in a people-oriented, service-oriented attitude sincere hospitality, we will wholeheartedly caring into the hotel door of everyone, so that they have the most comfortable to enjoy the sincere care of the guests. Is our unique in the hotel industry, and strive to become the preferred brand of customers on the market 。

  Establish a win-win values

  Enterprise values are the core of corporate culture, it penetrates the business management of all aspects, dominated from the entrepreneur to the staff of the ideas and behavior. Guiqian million countries face the fierce market competition situation, established with the guests win-win values, that is, enterprises through the provision of quality services to meet the various needs of the guests, so that value for money, value for money, so that the interests of the guests can be guaranteed, Enterprise efficiency steadily improved, the staff's income will be increased, the development trend is good。

  Focus on innovation

  Hotel management has two functions: First, to ensure that the hotel according to the original target to run, that is to maintain; Second, to adapt to changing conditions, that innovation. Innovation is the main means to extend the life of the enterprise, innovation is the soul of knowledge economy. After the opening of the self-hotel, will fully implement the goal of innovation, technological innovation, institutional innovation, organizational innovation, environmental innovation (market innovation), enhance your comprehensive competitiveness of the hotel。

  Not only attach importance to the construction of hardware facilities, but also attach importance to "people-oriented" software construction。

  Management innovation depends on the hotel facilities and equipment of technological innovation, but also rely on people's intelligence. At the same time, in the management and service, the hotel requires the realization of human nature, from the provision of products to meet the guests to the custom, to the personalized service, as well as between managers and employees, must reflect the human touch, embodies the warmth of your country hotel and the truth , So that guests have the feeling of home。